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Little Museums
Over 1,000 Small (and Not-So-Small)
American Showplaces

Lynne Arany and Archie Hobson
(Holt, 1998)

The Reel List
A Categorical Companion
to Over 2,000 Memorable Films

An Irreverent Guide Arranged by Uncommon Categories, from Rock ’n’ Roll to Revisionist Westerns
Lynne Arany, Tom Dyja, and Gary Goldsmith
With an Introduction by Andrew Sarris
(Delacorte, 1995)


Little Museums
“Perfect for anyone who thinks they’ve been there done that, this marvelous book highlights all the offbeat, unsung, and unhyped wonders of America. Little Museums is packed full of places you’ve never heard of but will never forget.”
Jamie Jensen,
Roadtrip USA
The Reel List
The Reel List is a missionary work preaching the gospel of cinema from many different vantage points. The spirit of auteurism gallops across every text of the authors on individual movies.… Read the text, and get the video. You’ll be glad you did.”—Andrew Sarris